In the business world, the importance of the written word cannot be overstated. Whether it's a partnership agreement, a formal letter, or a business plan. Puente Media can provide writing services that ensure that the client's ideas, desires, and intent are expressed cogently and professionally.

Among the writing services provided are:

• Official/Business Correspondence

The language of business is formal but need not be boring. Puente Media can assist its clients in preparing official letters to address almost any professional correspondence need.

• Customized Business Plans

Every business needs a plan. Especially non-profit organizations, community groups, and clubs—depending on the goals of its participants—which rely on outside funding. Philanthropic organizations often require potential grant recipients to have a business plan.  Business plans need not limit themselves to the details of one's entrepreneurial endeavors, they can be customized to incorporate any elements the client desires.

• Advertising Copy

Effective television, radio, and internet advertising all start with writing a creative and properly formatted script.

• Resumes

Ready to move on to bigger and better things? Let Puente Media assist you in getting your new start by preparing a smart-looking resume to show prospective employers. Bring us a comprehensive work history and let us know where you would like to go with your career. We'll help you get there.